Uncover the Finest Ultra Refined Fish Oil on the Market

Ultra refined fish oil is absolutely the best supplement to buy. The predicament people often have is finding a brand that utilizes this practice.

You may already be aware of the significant health benefits fish oils possess. If so than you are knowledgeable that omega 3 fatty acids are essential for excellent health.

Since our bodies don’t produce omega 3’s scientists and health experts agree that supplementing a fish oil supplement rich in EPA and DHA needs to be an essential part of our diets.

Prescription drugs have a rigorous testing process and have strict guidelines set forth by the FDA. In many cases it can take years for a product to be approved. The total opposite holds true for nutritional supplements.

In the health and nutrition industry there are very lenient guidelines set forth by the FDA for supplements. Unfortunately, they don’t make sure a product is safe until AFTER the product has gone to market.

Ultra refined fish oil has been molecularly purified to eliminate any harmful toxins that may be present. Look for a company that utilizes independent government approved laboratories and exceeds all minimum specifications for testing.

Pollution affects a large portion of our waterways and sadly finds its way into our ecosystem. Refined fish oil is extremely important because the fish we eat can have lethal levels of chemicals like mercury, lead, or other heavy metals. This process removes those impurities and makes it safe for consumption.

Research has discovered that when combined, the hoki fish and tuna from New Zeeland waters provide a synergistic effect that nearly doubles the effectiveness of omega 3 fatty acids. Why this happens is still unknown.

What we do know is that these fish are virtually contaminant free. The anti-inflammatory properties become more powerful and effective when combined.

It’s very important to find a reputable company that has standards higher than its competition. When you spend your hard earned money you want to feel confident you are getting what you paid for. It took some hard work and effort but I have found an ultra refined product that improved my overall health immensely.

I encourage you to look a little further and find out more about the products I personally use and benefit from on a daily basis. By doing your own research and educating yourself, you should have no trouble finding the best omega-3 supplement and improving your health dramatically.