Ultra Refined Fish Oil Is Best

Yes, if there is one tip to follow when choosing fish oil supplements, it is: ultra refined fish oil is best to go for. But what does “ultra refined” really mean and how does an “ultra refined” fish oil differ from the regular omega-3 supplement out there in the market today?

Simply put, although regular supplements like this are also refined, it is refined with the most advanced and most sophisticated technology in filtering and refining. With this advanced technology, it gives the most concentrated, purest, contaminant-free form of it ever possible. Ultra refining brings with it processes like molecular distillation which is a powerful purification method that removes contaminants efficiently.

Why is ultra refining necessary?

Remember that when this oil is extracted from fish, along with the omega-3 fatty acids are other free fatty acids and even toxins that might have been present in the fish.

Huh?! Toxins?!

You may already know by now how fish, depending on where they are sourced from, can be laden with toxins including mercury, PCBs and lead, among others. Although it might be unavoidable, it should be kept at doses not harmful to your health. For instance, eating two to three doses of fish per week subjects you to minute amounts of contaminants, but as long as the doses are regulated, the body can handle the toxins. However, it is different when talking about this supplements. Remember that this supplements are concentrated and have to be taken regularly. Unsafe levels of PCBs, mercury and other toxins present in this supplement can be detrimental to your health.

For you to enjoy all the health benefits of it, make sure you take only this kind supplements. It that have not been subjected to sophisticated processes may not only be harmful but are lower grade, easier to break apart, and thus, not as effective in providing the promised health benefits.

This brings us to the issue of potency. It is best because it is most potent. The methods used for producing ultra-refined type of fish oil allows the extraction of higher concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, which are responsible to the health benefits fish oil brings. Although standard it work, you will have to consume more in order to get the same amount of these essential fatty acids. If you want number, it contains at least 70% more omega-3 fatty acids than regular fish oil supplements.

What do all these mean?

Simple – when choosing this oil, make sure you opt only for this product. As far as potency, safety and effectiveness are concerned, this is best.