Ultra International Company Review

Company Overview

Ultra International is a 20 year old manufacturing and distribution company that is currently allowing individuals an opportunity to own and operate their very own Ultra International eStore.

They were founded in 1987 and launched into network marketing in October 2008.

They are currently operating in 11 countries around the world. They have 300,000 square feet of offices, manufacturing plant and warehouse in near Kansas City, MO.


The Ultra International product line includes Liquid Nutritionals, Weight Loss, Nutritional Supplements, Body and Hair Care Products, Home Care Products, and Hand crafted Bar Soaps in 18 fragrances. The products are fragrance free, dye free, biodegradable, and free of harmful chemicals.

The company promotes “Creating A New You.”

They have three product lines called Mind, Body, and Soul.

Mind – Liquid nutritional drink

Body – Meal replacement shake

Soul – Superfood with probiotics and digestive enzymes

They have recently added a new product called the Ultra H2O System to produce perfect water. Perfect Water has the optimal alkalinity level and high antioxidant levels to counteract acidic body chemistry.

Doctors On Board

Doctors for Ultra International consists of a leading group of medical pioneers with expertise in a variety of specialties. These doctors are active in researching and implementing new health findings to improve their patient’s health.

Cost To Become A Distributor

There are no sign up fees, no website fees, and you do receive a free turn key automated website with a international eStore immediately. You cannot buy products or join without a referral id.

You are considered a WDO, Wholesale Distributor Only, unless you purchase a product package at the Silver or Gold level, which will S.A.T. qualify you for 90 days.

A silver pack is $500 and a gold pack is $1000, which will save you from $100 to over $500 depending on which product pack you choose.

Compensation Plan

Compensation Plan: 8 core ways to earn money

Customer Acquisition Bonus paid on BV of all purchases made by your personally sponsored distributors during their first calendar month.

Community override commission paid on 12 “compressed levels.”

Generational Matching Bonus on your personally sponsored distributors, up to three generations.

Re-entry bonus after achieving the Gold rank and completing the first five levels, you can create a second opportunity center.

Direct sales commission

Personal Sales Bonus which is a quarterly global profit pool for distributors that remain active for 3 months in a row.

Sales Consistency Program


Currently the ranks are Bronze, Silver & Gold.

Training And Support

Ultra International does offer sales and marketing tools and free online training, conference calls, webinars, downloadable materials in the distributor’s back office.

In addition,they offer intensive marketing training. They currently are offering three days worth of personal training with UI President and Master Trainer, Harry Singer. He and other UI Execs and Lead Distributors will teach “bulletproof” training, their custom in-depth sales and product training program, as well as a specific plan of action to start making your business a success!

This training is currently being offered in Myrtle Beach, SC for $200 a person for the training only. The tickets are for sale in the distributor’s back office.

Internet Marketing Policy

Ultra International not only allows internet marketing, they allow almost any kind of marketing, including auctions, flea markets, retail stores, etc. This is a very important point to consider before joining any business!

Social networking and internet marketing have become innovative ways to reach millions of people on the internet.

Social Networking

Ultra International does have a link to social networking sites which currently are Facebook and Twitter.

How Do They Get Distributors and Customers?

You can learn how to market the products through Ultra International training or do your own thing by talking to your friends, family and co-workers.

They also apparently promote Home Party Meetings as a fun way to get information on their products.

My Review

In review of everything that Ultra International has to offer, they do appear to be a good company. Due to fact that you can start an online eStore in minutes for free, makes it very appealing to broke people who want to start a business. You will have a presence on the internet, but if you don’t drive traffic to your site, nobody will be stopping by and you will not make any money.

To become successful and continually grow this business you will need to recruit others and sell products and teach your group to do the same. If that is what you are looking for the Ultra International opportunity might be a good fit for you.

However, the reason 95% of network marketers fail is because you have untrained people teaching untrained people. Without the proper training and mentoring most people will fail, so if you want to join Ultra International and be in the top 5% you must participate in either their training or another leadership development program.

If you are not willing to participate in a leadership development program, I would suggest looking for an internet based product and company to learn the skills to make money online as an alternative.