The Truth About Ultra Pure Fish Oil

How pure is ultra pure fish oil by Vital Nutrients? That’s difficult to say. The manufacturer claims that the supplements have been tested by an independent laboratory for purity and freshness, as well as omega-3 content and DHA levels, but a copy of their certificate of analysis is not posted on their website.

Normally, when a company goes to the trouble of having a batch of oils tested for purity and freshness, they post a copy of the results to inspire consumer confidence. It is not mandatory to have testing conducted.

The supplement industry is largely self-regulated. The manufacturer can do what they deem necessary to insure purity, freshness and nutritional content. But, they don’t have to do anything.

It pays to do a little comparative shopping when you are looking for supplements. Ultra pure fish oil is not an expensive brand. But, is it the best value for your money?

The value of a dietary supplement is in its nutritional content. The best supplements on the market provide a minimum of 280mg of DHA per 1000mg capsule. The Vital Nutrients brand provides a maximum of 135mg per 1000mg of oil.

The company adds lemon flavoring, which should be unnecessary if the oils have been tested for freshness. Once the oils are encapsulated, you really can’t taste them, anyway. So, what’s the point in adding lemon? Sometimes lemon and other flavors are added to prevent the fishy-tasting burps that accompany rancid oils.

The more that you know about a supplement, the better off you are. It’s nice to know what species of fish the oils are derived from. The smaller species are less likely to have high levels of mercury and other contaminants.

You don’t know where ultra pure fish oil comes from. The manufacturer does not list the species used on the label. Many manufacturers don’t.

The better companies are clear about where the supplements come from and what nutrients they provide. They make the information available to you, so that you can see the difference, before you buy.

A product should be guaranteed burp-free, without the addition of artificial flavorings. The better manufacturers guarantee that their products are the best value you can get for the money. If you find a product that is a better value, they will give you your money back.

That’s not a guarantee made by the ultra pure fish oil company. Of course, it’s a pretty unique guarantee. You won’t find many companies that make it.

There are many benefits associated with increasing your omega-3 intake and most people really don’t get enough of them every day. But, if the brand is not the best, then there could be risks caused by contaminants such as mercury and cancer-causing dioxins.

A lot of people these days are doing everything that they can to improve or protect their long-term health, as evidenced by the popularity of supplements like ultra pure fish oil. But, if you want the best value for your money, you better shop around.