The Importance of Ultra Refined Fish Oils

With so many benefits that fish oils (also called essential fatty acids) have to offer, it would be detrimental to our physical (and sometimes, mental and emotional) health to ignore adding these dietary supplements to our daily intake. But with so many different brands available today, one can be at a loss to make a decision to choose the best one.

Fish oils can help in many health disorders-from autoimmune diseases to heart conditions. They not only help improve physical health but have also been recommended by medical professionals to alleviate mood swings and for emotional stability. One of their main impact is the reduction, or even prevention, of inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is one of the causes of various health conditions and can even lead to the impairment of the immune system. Adding omega 3 fatty acids helps heal the immune system, making it stronger.

But for omega 3 essential fatty acids to actually be of any benefit, it is important we choose the ones that meet the highest grade possible. Because not all omega 3 oils are created equal and some don’t even make the grade.

Two of the main criteria for them to deliver all the benefits, is that a) they need to be purified and be free of toxins and b) they need to contain optimum levels of EPA and DHA. Ultra refined fish oils deliver both. To reach the purity levels required, omega 3 acids need to be refined with the correct methods to rid them of the toxins and other contamination, so that they are safe for consumption.

Unfortunately most omega 3 supplements in the markets today are not refined to give us maximum benefits. Lower grade fish oils, that have not undergone the necessary purification, can actually do more harm than good. Our oceans have become very polluted and the fish carry various contaminants, including PCB, mercury and carcinogens. Fish, which has always been included as part of a healthy diet, is now considered dangerous due to the various contaminants absorbed from the oceans. In fact, with these potential dangers seafood can carry, many medical experts opine that fish oil supplements provide a healthier alternative!

Omega 3 oil needs to be filtered and refined so that it meets the consumption standards required. The best quality fish oil is the one which has been subjected to the ultra refined process, and involves the following steps:

Winterization: which involves chilling the oil to very low temperatures in order to remove the saturated fats. This process ensures that the omega 3 acids will not freeze.

Molecular distillation: which is the final refining process and this allows the removal of pollutants such as dioxins, PCBs and mercury. With these ultra refining steps taken to rid the omega 3 oil of the contaminants and toxins, the fish oil is now concentrated and fit for consumption.

Another advantage of ultra refined fish oil is that it has a higher potency due to its concentration. Since it is more concentrated, the fish oil contains higher levels of EPA and DHA. In fact, these 2 components form almost 60% of the concentrated omega 3 fish oil. This makes the oil almost twice as much potent than the standard fish oils.

With these benefits of ultra refined omega 3 acids, it is no wonder that health professionals are advocating the use of these grade fish oils, as against the sub-standard quality omega 3’s often available.

Research findings have indicated that essential fatty acids can provide many positive health effects, and adding them to one’s diet can be very beneficial for overall health. The dosage can vary, according to the health conditions you want to treat, but for most people, dosage levels of 1000 mg to 2000 mg should suffice.

But even so, when you do decide to add this important dietary supplement to your daily intake, you need to check with your physician especially if you are on any anticoagulants or blood pressure medications. Omega 3 oils have a blood thinning effect and it is always better to check before you consider taking these natural supplements.

Once you get the go ahead, make sure that you select pure, refined fish oil supplements so that you can derive all the necessary benefits these nutrients provide.