Learn How to Find Ultra Pure Fish Oil

Is it truly possible to find an ultra pure fish oil? There are so many companies selling theirs as the best, however most of them are not. To find if the one you are taking is pure let me show you exactly what to look for, then you can draw your conclusion.

You want fish oil that has gone through a process called molecular distillation. This process removes all the toxins, such as mercury, lead and PCBs. If it does not go through this process then you might end up taking a supplement with toxins.

Removing all the impurities while purifying and making the oil more concentrated will give you higher Omega3 content, however still keeping it in its natural state so that your body can easily absorb it.

Also for pureness, you know how important Omega 3 is to good health, however the best source of this is DHA and EPA with DHA giving you the utmost benefits. Most products on the market contain more EPA because it is cheaper. So read the label before purchasing.

Taking ultra pure fish oil can substantially enhance your health, you do not want to take any old fish oil, it will not give you the same benefits.

Another important factor is its anti-inflammatory properties. A top quality supplement should have the highest anti-inflammatory content available. This will help you with arthritis pain. Inflammation is a silent killer. It accumulates in your body causing a domino effect leading to various health problems, arthritis being the number one.

You should be taking the purest fish oil available on the market and it must contain a much higher anti-inflammatory properties as those being sold today. This will significantly increase its health benefits.

To ensure you are getting the ultra pure fish oil it should be sourced from Hoki fish which are caught in the coldest, pristine waters of the New Zealand coast. The waters in this region have been reputed to be free of contaminants.

Learning how to find the best source of Omega 3 can be vital for you and your family as you want to ensure not only longevity, but also good health.

So in essence the ultimate pure fish oil should consist of the following:

-High anti-inflammatory properties,
-Be caught in cold pristine waters
-Have gone through molecular distillation process
-High DHA content
-Single sustainable fish source
-Concentrated for better value for money

If you can find a supplement with all of these attributes then you know you are on your way to a healthier, happier, longer life.

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