Discover the Benefits of Ultra Refined Fish Oil

Have you read about this recently? More so than just about any other nutrients you can put into your body, the elements in ultra refined fish oil provide what you need for maintaining your health. Of course, there are other nutrients that your body needs in order to be healthy, but omega fatty acids play a role in the prevention of so many ailments that they have to be considered as a priority among the other things you could be taking.

Omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA most prominently, have been proven to prevent the development of cardiovascular disease, mental disorders and memory loss, and impairments to your visual function. They have also been found to be effective in treating allergies and asthma, arthritis and gout, diabetes, skin disorders, and certain forms of cancer. Most other nutrients do not even come close to this level of effectiveness.

It used to be advised that the best way for you to increase the number of omega-3 fatty acids in your diet was to include more fish in your diet, but this is no longer advisable. The purchase and consumption of an ultra refined fish oil dietary supplement capsule is the best solution for ensuring that your DHA and EPA levels are where you want them to be. This is due to toxins in our water.

It is of course entirely our own fault that there are toxins present in fish, as we are the ones guilty of putting them there. Oily fish are predators, and since they do not naturally produce their own oil they collect the oil that the prey fish they eat have collected through their steady diet of algae. This oil accumulates in the predator fish, but so do all of the toxins present in the prey that these fish feed on.

You need to turn to ultra refined fish oil as an alternative to eating fish, because these fish have high concentrations of mercury, lead, PCBs, dioxins, arsenic, cadmium, and furans. These contaminants found present in these fish and in their oil, are all considered carcinogens and neurotoxins. The fish oil that you consume has got to go through a special purifying process in order to remove these toxins, while maintaining high concentrations of DHA and EPA.

This process is called molecular distillation, and what it does is it separates the ethyl esters of the DHA and EPA, while leaving the toxins behind. This is the only sure way of providing you with the omega-3 fatty acid concentrations, and the level of purity that you need. It is through purifying methods such as this that you are guaranteed the highest quality products possible.

Make no mistake about it, the benefits that you will get from taking in a DHA rich ultra refined fish oil supplement on a daily basis are too many to ignore! You absolutely need to include substantial doses of these fatty acids in your diet in order to achieve optimum health. Just make sure that the formula you get is ultra refined fish oil, and not something that has not been purified sufficiently.